Happy Holidays!


Happy Holidays, Seasons Greetings, Merry Christmas! However you want to celebrate this season, I hope you have a great time with friends and family. Looking forward to the new year and all it represents. Thank you to the readers and followers of my blog, when I started this blog I was really insecure about sharing my experiences. But now I feel so encouraged by the comments and support.

Hopefully, in the New Year, I want to continue with the ‘overcoming series’ and also want to write a lot more on narcissistic abuse and how to overcome it. So please stay tuned and once again Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

A Story of Abuse


I did mention in my first blog post, among other things, I would be sharing some personal experiences. This is very hard for me to do because I’m a very private person. But I feel compelled to do so.
I have been a victim. I have been a victim of narcissistic abuse, I didn’t know it at the time, but I knew there was something wrong in my relationship, I couldn’t just place my finger on it. When you’ve always been told that you are the problem, there is the tendency to focus more on oneself; to work on being a better person. But at the same time, I kept thinking that I am not the problem( I believe that is the work of the Holy Spirit). So you are quite conflicted in your self and confused, which is where the devil wants to keep you( he is the author of all confusion) Until the light shines through the darkness, illumination and revelation appears.
It appeared in the form of an article, I read online, which explained in detail, everything I was going through. One day, I can’t remember if I was fasting and praying at the time, I was just thinking about my situation, just blaming myself I kept saying to myself it must have been something I did or have been doing. While I was pondering on these thoughts, I happened to glance on an article written by a female Christian author. In the article she explained narcissism and outlined the symptoms of a person with narcissistic personality disorder. When I read it, it was like a light bulb came on in my head, all the symptoms , the behaviour traits were the things I was experiencing with a family member
I thought I was the problem because I was always told the issues we were facing was all my fault, and I was trying to figure ways I could change; ways to be a better person.
The article mentioned that narcissists were:
Pathological liars – Narcissists lie all the time, Blatant lies, in- your- face lies.You know they’re lying, but they do it so convincingly that it would fool any other person. They do this to control people and especially to protect their image.
Gas lighters – almost the same as lying- they will tell you they will do something, later on when you question them on it, they will deny they ever said it. If you are a victim of this on a regular basis, you will begin to lose all sense of perception of what is real or false, because they will make you feel as if you’re going crazy.
Attention Seekers- they love to be the centre of attention, if you are in conversation with a group of people, they like to be the focus of everyones attention, if the conversation focus changes to someone else they will always steer the conversation towards themselves again.
Extremely Selfish/Lack empathy- Narcissists are extremely selfish and uncompassionate people. They lack the ability to empathise, they cannot identify with or feel for other people’s pain, discomfort , suffering. They will not be bothered by it and fell it is an inconvenience to them.
Fault finders/blame shifters. Narcissists never accept responsibility for anything. They always put the blame on others, it’s always someone else’s fault.
After reading the article, I just said out loud, ‘Thank You, Jesus!’. It truly wasn’t me after all! I knew it was God that led me to that article. I decided I was going to do some research and find out more about narcissism. I went online, read books, listened to podcasts, I have learned so much. I am a Christian and my faith in God has given me the strength to overcome the tough times. I want to share my experiences and all I’ve learnt with others. Maybe it can help someone who is experiencing or know someone who is experiencing the same issues.

My First Blog

Hello everyone. This is my third attempt at writing my first blog. I posted and deleted twice, because I thought it was a bit rubbish.

The reason why I am blogging is because I feel led by God to do it. This is long overdue, because I got this leading about a few years ago, and I actually did create a website, but I didn’t do anything with it, and then I just cancelled it.

Then I got a nudging from the Holy Spirit to create this blog, and it is really important to obey Him, so here I am again. Hopefully I will add some content to this site!

I am a Christian so I will be discussing topical subjects, such as news related events from a spiritual perspective, spiritual matters  and personal experiences and also book reviews.

I will also be sharing my thoughts and experiences on some psychological/spiritual conditions/issues.

I’m pretty much learning how to build this website, learning how to blog ( just learnt what tags are!).

That’s just about it. Hopefully, someone will enjoy, or learn something new.

God Bless!