My First Blog

Hello everyone. This is my third attempt at writing my first blog. I posted and deleted twice, because I thought it was a bit rubbish.

The reason why I am blogging is because I feel led by God to do it. This is long overdue, because I got this leading about a few years ago, and I actually did create a website, but I didn’t do anything with it, and then I just cancelled it.

Then I got a nudging from the Holy Spirit to create this blog, and it is really important to obey Him, so here I am again. Hopefully I will add some content to this site!

I am a Christian so I will be discussing topical subjects, such as news related events from a spiritual perspective, spiritual matters  and personal experiences and also book reviews.

I will also be sharing my thoughts and experiences on some psychological/spiritual conditions/issues.

I’m pretty much learning how to build this website, learning how to blog ( just learnt what tags are!).

That’s just about it. Hopefully, someone will enjoy, or learn something new.

God Bless!